Aarvika Naturals Under Eye Cream


Aarvika Naturals Under Eye Cream has been indigenously formulated to take care of your skin around the eyes as this area of your skin needs special care as it’s super thin and lacks oil glands, which makes it drier and more prone to irritation, darkening and puffiness as compared to rest of the facial skin. Mastered with naturally potent ingredients, Aarvika Naturals Under Eye Cream is your best friend to protect and nourish your eyes’ beauty.


Vegan, Cruelty Free,Dye free, 100% Natural Actives, Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Nasties free.


Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed oil reduces puffy eyes, dark circles and forming of eye-bags, and nourishes the skin from within. Moreover, it also helps in getting good sleep.

Cucumber: Cucumber extract that keeps the area moisturized and also helps to restore skin’s natural elasticity.Cucumbers can offer a hydrating effect, reducing dryness and redness. Cucumbers are also known for depuffing our eyes and bringing back their natural glow. Cucumber is known for its incredible cooling and lightening properties that improve our blood circulation.

Hyaluronic Acid:  Hyaluronic acid works by hydrating the skin and retaining moisture in the skin, which in turn, makes your skin plump and reduces the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.It also gives you a youthful and radiant glow. By brightening the skin, it can help mask darkness under the eyes.

Aloe Vera Barbadensis: Helps heal or repair damaged skin, relieve swelling or puffiness, moisturize dry or flaky skin, treat sunburned skin, relieve redness or irritation.Prevents Lines and Wrinkles.


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