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Aarvika, has a beautiful meaning to it and as Aarvika Naturals signifies the truce in a product driven from natural compositions and efficient ingredients the name Aarvika means Universal and Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the only god whose worshiping is a mandate before worshiping or praying for any god and also signifies a blissful start. With respect to every individual’s skin tone, body structure and natural self which in modern world has been veiled with chemical based toxic beauty and skin “so called” care products for which Aarvika Naturals aims to detox or correct. 

Aarvika Naturals believes that your confidence and the vibe of your personality starts from the expression of your skin’s health and hair which further exhibits your concern for grooming and the much-needed hygiene and this is for what Aarvika Naturals started its mission and to stand true to its statement” Unveil your Natural Self”. 

The humble yet the diligent team propelling Aarvika Naturals is constituted of the best collective expertise and experience of almost 80 years wherein the consulting young female entrepreneur cosmetologist is a Master in Biotechnology with graduation in cosmeceuticals, field, an Ayurvedic doctor with multiple achievements and success stories, a veteran from the sales and marketing in medical industry and a young entrepreneur with a decade of business development and expansion experience. 

The team of fantastic four is all determined and in line to their mission and vision to drive AARVIKA NATURALS in to everyone’s’ lives for them to be confidently themselves and believe in “Unveil your natural self”.

Our Vision

Be the global name for optimized premium quality and a customer centric product based company and a desired employer with happy investors.

Our Mission

Pocket friendly premium quality product for masses with customer connecting services and a joyous organization to work with or be associated with.

Our Inception

Started in 2020 AARVIKA NATURALS founder felt that during the lockdown the skin care and the hair care products being used at home so brilliantly advertised and labeled with composition from trustworthy brands with claims blaming the pollution and the unfavorable oxidants in the environment for rough hair and different skin concerns had a very temporary and a varied effect.

The favorable results claimed by these brands were actually short-lived (5-8 hrs.) and had a psychic need for the product every day putting the external factors harming the facial skin and hair out of the suspicion zone. 

The founder then engineered his way through the online data and tutorials and brainstormed with his mentioned team, as a result AARVIKA NATURALS was born which focused on being a natural enhancer and a booster against any condition or external affects including the nature of a skin or hair compromised by the artificial or chemical based products or surroundings or habits or other probable reasons irrespective of just pollution. 

AARVIKA NATURALS standing true to its statement “Unveil your Natural self” has developed products based on natural ingredients only which for some may have delayed results but would be natural results.

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