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Using premium shampoos with fancy names, branded by the top names, really gives us that sense of security of having our hair immunized, but is it really a fact? My wife always flaunted her hair and justified the use of chemical based shampoos just because they are from the top manufacturers and ignoring the side effects of the same she laughed out my concern but only to the date when her hair started falling and sort of started showing need for the same shampoo and conditioner.

We all understand the catastrophic and doomed feeling of loosing hair and with the same experience we consulted a dermatologist and a trichologist too who enlightened us with a logical fact which I wish to share here.They both suggested that it was only the habit of my wife to use onion extract and sunflower mixture with some herbs that have had her hair guarded from the natural oil draining sulfates of these chemical shampoos otherwise the case would have been worst and so they concluded by suggesting a natural ingredients based shampoo.

Now after using this Natural(s) Shampoo we had to visit the trichologist again as this time after the use of that shampoo my wife’s hair dried and even after using the conditioner the results were quite unsatisfactory but again this diligent trichologist patiently educated us for the cause by explaing that all this while the sulfates and parbens had been draining the natural oil of her scalp and hair along with leaving a layer of residue on the scalp imitating moist but cloging the pores which oil the hair and the scalp naturally from within the body and when this natural, no chemical shampoo was used it detoxed and cleansed the scalp and hair, washing off the silicone off the hair and de cloging the scalp pores and for the oil to regenerate or re nourish the hair it would take a while and so she would experience such dehydertated hair after every wash for 3-4 times and post that once the scalp and hair have accepted the natural hair care products she would be able to enjoy a well developed natural hair texture and naturally healthy hair.

After a month and 5 washes from Natural shampoo and conditioner my wife was again flaunting her hair with a new level of confidence.

What is Hybrid Ingredient or Formulation?

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We have heard of synthetic ingredients, artificial ingredients, natural ingredients, organic ingredients and others but the one most intriguing I found is HYBRID INGREDIENT or FORMULATION. A post suggests that hybrid plant ingredients could increase their nutritional value and also the efficacy of their byproducts and competency of a natural ingredient can be enhanced with fractional fusion of a synthetic product or some organic ingredient.Now, question arises what products are following this ingenious concept? 

Well surprisingly many brands in the “NATURALS” genre are following this idea.For example I came across a brand AARVIKA NATURALS which had a very interesting combination of ingredients like Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil , D-Panthenol (A substance made from Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B-5 which occurs organically) and more but the point is the efficacy and the competencies of such products is higher than others.Then a same set of pattern was observed in a well known brand -Forest Essentials Conditioner wherein the ingredients are Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel, phytoceramides (Ceramides are a class of compounds, along with fatty acids, proteins and cholesterol and Phyto means Plants) so reiteratively HYBRID format seems to be the key formulation baseline for good brands with effective products.

Why you should use Ayurveda or Natural Ingredient products?

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Writing this felt like an hypocrite trying to justify his self contradictory being where in its known that haste for any decision or to achieve before time with unethical means or shortcuts usually lead to troublesome dilemmas.This thought arouse when I was discussing a chemical free, natural shampoo and conditioner with a senior cosmotologist and a formulating expert who asked me if I wanted a product for online sales, salons or retail? Dazzled, I asked her whats the difference and the answer was interestingly enlightening.She suggested that online sale attracts people aware of shampoos based on natural or chemical ingredients and usualy opt for natural products knowing that the results would be best and lasting and that too without side effects but late.These customers choose the product based on the ingredients and the information mentioned along with the brand’s level of expression in its honesty and then there are customers who want immediate results, be it shiny hair, damage control, lice, dandruff or whatever and sadly these are the ones who end up paying more for medication then or opting for herbal or natural products later.This set of customers is categorised for the salons and retail mostly and are driven by brand name and not the content and ingredients of the product. Chemicals like silicon and Paraben or SLES can enhance the asthetic experience of the product but can lead to devastating consequences.
I, after meeting the cosmotoligist was like-Is this why I am loosing hair, or have acne, or may thats why I get rashes on my skin? I have always been nagging my sister for buying expensive self proclaimed natural products but now I realised that actually the products bought by me were at the expense of my natural skin and hair and hers were actually cheap when gauged for their quality and results.Now, I have promised myself to buy Ayurveda based or natural ingredient based products only.



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